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Cross-border Wealth Transfer Planning

We take pride in supporting bilingual (Mandarin Chinese) non-U.S. citizens who are either residing in, planning to move to, or seeking to invest in the United States. Additionally, we extend our expertise to multinational families with assets and/or members spanning multiple countries, including the United States. Our focus is on delivering comprehensive cross-border tax planning while also addressing non-tax considerations with meticulous care. Leveraging our extensive experience across diverse sectors, our team is uniquely equipped to guide global families through the complexities of the dynamic U.S. tax and compliance landscape.

Our services encompass:

  • Structuring global asset ownership for multinational families, utilizing trusts, corporations, limited liability companies, and other entities both offshore and within U.S. jurisdictions.

  • Pre-immigration tax planning for non-U.S. individuals preparing for relocation to the United States.

  • U.S. estate planning for non-U.S. citizens residing in the United States, including the establishment of qualified domestic trusts and multinational wills for the disposition of foreign assets.

  • Counsel for U.S. beneficiaries and trustees of foreign trusts regarding the establishment, management, and domestication of foreign trust structures.

  • Pre-expatriation tax planning for clients seeking to renounce their U.S. citizenship or surrender their U.S. green card.

  • Guidance for foreign clients on investments in U.S. real estate, business ventures, and financial assets.

  • Long-term governance and planning advice for families.

Drawing upon our extensive network, we collaborate closely with legal professionals worldwide, specializing in areas such as foreign trusts and taxation, real estate, corporate law, immigration, and litigation. This collaborative approach ensures our clients receive comprehensive and tailored solutions to their unique cross-border needs.

Attain Peace of Mind Instantly

Whether you're navigating a personal legal matter or considering setting up wills and trusts to safeguard your family, feel free to reach out to us.

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